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The decision to upgrade should be a no-brainer, especially at this ridiculously low price.  Some of my marketing friends think I’m CRAZY to actually make this offer.  But I really wanted to over-deliver for my first product in the internet marketing space in many years.  

Direct marketers refer to this type of product pricing as a “loss leader”.  My hope is, once you see the real value I’m offering here, you’ll become an evangelist for my future products. (So you see, I’m not as crazy as some may think.)  

So what does this exclusive program look like?  Here I’m going to share with you what you get in enough details so you can make an intelligent decision about the value it can bring to your business.  

Just to be very clear about the Five Dollar Post Training Program, you already have access to the quick start recorded trainings and the four bonus trainings.   

But in addition, you can also get my 'look over my shoulder' lessons that each went into step-by-step, “hold your hands” details about how to apply the Five Dollar Posts system.  

Here’s a quick breakdown of those lessons and the powerful marketing secrets revealed in each:  

WEEK 1 Detailed Lessons:  Initial Setup And Research

In order to make this course as comprehensive as possible I left no stone unturned.  I take you from beginner to advanced so you can choose where to start and pace yourself accordingly, depending on your level of experience with Facebook ads.  

  • How to set up your pixel and create an audience for your Facebook ad campaigns.  Instructions shown on how to do this in Wordpress. (HINT: This is how Facebook knows which of their members have visited your website so you can later advertise to them.)  
  • Tutorial on setting up Custom and Lookalike audience and the best options to use in each case.  Why you should NEVER use a “scraper software” if you value your Facebook ad account.  
  • How to research your customer avatar, find viral content ideas and research the competition.  It’s scary what you can learn about your customers on Facebook!  The more you know about your prospects the better you can target your ads towards their taste.  
  • How to effectively target relevant pages and interests and make use of the “affinity scores” provided by Facebook.  The more skilled you are at this the more cost effective your ads become.
  • Review of initial setup and research in preparation for week 2 exercises.  All of these are practical steps you can apply to your own business, not just theory.    

 WEEK 2 Detailed Lessons: Lead Funnel And Followup  

In the second week we look at how to set up a lead funnel and follow up with your subscribers. I provide enough examples and case studies from my own successful business so you can model them.  

  • Case Study: The 3-minute email that made over $2,700 in less than 24 hours.  
  • The two critical secrets to success with using paid ads whether you are using Facebook or PPC search engines.  
  • One powerful marketing strategy you can lean from and GoDaddy and easily apply to your own business.  
  • How to follow up on your leads and one simple adjustment you can make to your autoresponder series to bump up conversion by as much as 18%.  99% of marketers are not doing this.  
  • Review of my actual live 7-email autoresponder series and how to structure your messages so they get the highest response and open rates using a proven template.  
  • Important copywriting and persuasion techniques you can use on your Facebook ads.  Your ad success will stand or fall by great copy.  
  • How to set up an effective marketing funnel and the best resources to use.  
  • What is ‘retargeting’ and the best strategies to use to squeeze every dime of profit from your website visitors  

WEEK 3 Detailed Lessons: Tutorials on Different Style FB Ads  

Facebook ads come in all style and fashion and it is important to know how to use each one and for what purpose.  These lessons go beyond the bare minimum information and guidelines provided by Facebook and gives you tips and tricks to make the best use of each ad format in order to run effective campaigns.  

  • Page Post Engagement Ads (PPE).  How to set them up and little known tricks and tips on getting the highest engagement possible.  This is one of the least expensive ways to bump up your engagement.  
  • Clicks to Website Ads. What the Facebook guidelines don’t tell you and what you can learn only by running these ads.  I share my discoveries with you.  
  • Case Study: How to set up a retargeting ad step by step—the do’s and don’ts.  
  • Best practices on using video ads and take advantage of one form of advertising that many marketers are not suing, so your competition is smaller. (Instructions give on using the Power Editor.)  
  • Page Like Ads, Website Conversion Ads, Dark Post Ads.  Details on how to set up each type of ad and the best type to use depending on what you want to accomplish whether sales or lead generation or Likes.  (I share some infamous FB quirks you should know about before you run these ads or make changes to them.)    

WEEK 4 Detailed Lessons: Testing, Tracking And Analytics  

Some people find this part of the business boring, but when you are a financial geek like me you know the numbers are important.

Anyway, I try to make this part of the course as exciting as possible so even if you’re not a “numbers person” you’ll see the value in ‘auditing’ your Facebook advertising to make sure you’re not leaking potential profit from your business.  

  • 5 Critical elements of your ad and funnel that you should always test. Small changes can make huge differences.  You don’t have to become a test junkie but there is a minimum you should test. Examples given from my own business.  
  • Best kind of images to use on Facebook and all about color choices.  
  • One of the best Facebook Tutorials that every FB advertiser should review. They are in the business to make the most money, not necessarily to make you the most money, but some of their tutorials are helpful.
  • How and what to track for all your ads and best online software to use to accomplish this as quickly and easily as possible.  
  • A simple way to calculate conversion and value of a subscriber to your business.  
  • Facebook Reporting Tool and how this tool can help you to tighten your ad budget so nothing goes to waste.    

WEEK 5 Detailed Lessons: Ad Scaling and More on Lookalike Audiences  

Once you have found winning ads among your ad sets, then you must now scale up these winners to make maximum profit - BUT BE CAUTIOUS HERE because this brings your account under greater scrutiny.  

  • 4 Surefire ways to scale up your winning Facebook ads to maximize lead generation and ultimate profit without getting red flagged by Facebook.  
  • What I learned from getting shut down by Facebook for 3 weeks and the problems they found with my ads. You don’t have to make the same mistakes because I share their advice with you.  
  • Common online marketing practices that Facebook find misleading and could get your ad or account shut down.  What may be “innocent” to you, may be considered unethical by Facebook.  
  • Why if you are really serious about using Facebook to advertise you should get a business account and an ad representative.  
  • Best practices on duplicating your ads and creating broader lookalike audiences.          

WEEK 6 Advanced Strategies and Case Studies  

  • Watch and learn as some of the top industry experts walk you through their campaigns and reveal their test results and what is really working from them.  You won't get this kind of behind the scenes insight anywhere else.
 Apart From All These Detailed Tutorials
and Lessons You’ll Also Get: 


1.  Access to the Five Dollar Posts coaching and support Facebook group

This is a Facebook group where you’ll have an opportunity to ask question and learn what is working for other members. Facebook is a dynamic platform and there is no way a static course can cover or anticipate every future changes Facebook will make to its platform.  We’ll keep you informed with these changes and share new case studies with you.  

2. The (easy, done for you, and proven) tools, templates, and resources:  

  • Niche Research Questionnaire - This will be your main go-to tool for your niche research and intelligence gathering.    The information will help you understand your market in order to better target your advertising and to know what kinds of content and free offers will resonate with them.  
  • 12 Steps to a Great Presentation - You don’t have to be an award-winning copywriter to create effective sales letters. In fact, writing great sales letters can be more of a science than an art. Even the pros use proven “templates” to create sales letters that get results.  
  • 12-Step Sales Letter Template - A proven template for structuring sales letter and marketing messages in general to get the highest conversions.  This would get rid of your blank page blues.    
  • High Converting Webinar Outline - Your webinar needs to follow a strict set of proven guidelines in order to have all of the desired outcomes necessary to walk away with a satisfied audience as well as a bunch of new happy customers!  This webinar outline will give you a winning sequence to follow.  
  • Killer Sales Page Headlines Swipe File -  The headline is one of the most important parts of your sales page. Visitors are only on your site for a few seconds before they’re clicking away. You have to give them an immediate reason to be interested and continue to read. Your headline is what captures their attention and sparks their interest. This headline swipe will give headlines you can use ‘as is’ or model.    
  • Powerful Email Subject Lines Swipe File - The first part of the email message a subscriber reads is the subject line and it goes a long way in determining whether your email will be opened or deleted. You can increase your profits dramatically by learning how to write effective subject lines.  This swipe will help you come up with your own winning subject lines or just use to your heart’s content.    
  • My Autoresponder Follow-up Sequence  - You get to review the 7-part email follow-up series I use for my cooking site.  I refer to these autoresponder follow-up emails in the trainings. You can model them and use them as a starting point for writing your own series.  
  • Eye Catching Images You Can Use for Your Facebook Ads - You get a collection of professional, high quality stock images you can customize and use for your Facebook ads or any of your online projects.     


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